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I picked up a pair of $6 ($9 CAD) WAISHENGREN MMA / BOXING Training Focus Pads. These stack up to the more expensive brands.

Buy it Here: http://bit.ly/2BKvdPx

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These comfortable boxing and mixed martial arts (mma) training pads can protect your body from damage when sparring. Whether it's knees, punches or elbows the pads absorb punches in an anatomically correct foot position for greater training.

Pads feature lightweight and high dense foam for shock absorption and are accessible through a zipper if you wish to upgrade or replace the padding. Material is Faux Leather with Red punching surface and black back.

Five finger slots and gloves on the each back can hold the pad firmly and allow for comfortable wearing with adjustable velcro straps.
Can be used for Muay Thai Kick Boxing MMA Training

Dimension: 24 x 20 x 5 cm / 9.45''x7.87''x1.97''

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