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QuikPod by Digipower turns any water bottle cap into a Camera or GoPro Floating Mount. Turn your Bottle into a Selfie Stick.

Buy it Here: http://bit.ly/2zKX8wI

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Floating Bottle Grip Handle for GoPro - New!

This ultimate floating grip handle is micro sized for travel as it fits in a pocket and is super tough. Fits on any popular cola bottle in the world.

Packs small, add as little or much water to the bottle as you want for buoyancy. Includes a wriststrap and a silicone tether for extra protection of your GoPro. Bottle Grip cap screws on tight. Ergonomic grip, economical, float it or fill with water to create zero buoyancy for dives. Repurpose and divert waste. Works with all GoPro versions.

Patent Pending Fromm Works Inc.

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