Foladion Green Light Demonstration High Power Handheld Flashlight, Visible Beam with Interactive Light Pattern Entertain, for Camping Biking Hiking and Train Cat Dog Outdoor Use Only

  • ????Spot light used for long-distance observation can reach 6000 feet. You can use it to point out the constellations and the position of astronomical objects in the sky at public observation meetings.
  • ????Safety child lock green light indicator: Turn the switch to the red or green point anytime and anywhere to turn off or on the indicator
  • ????Bright green LED flashlight is designed for hunters. Hunting at night may be fun and effective, but finding the target is a challenge. Hunting lights are very helpful for finding games in the dark.
  • ????When you rotate the hat, you can see different patterns, which can bring interesting games to you or your pet.
  • ????Package: 1* green light;1*18650 battery, 1* charger; 2* keys. Please note that the battery is installed with the positive side down.

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